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Brandon Tay

Starting at 7pm on each evening of Street Superior, projection mapping visual artist Brandon Tay will transform the 17 meter walls of the Power Station with his futuristic skyscape.

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While others ink themselves with permemenant artwork, this Jagua ink tattoo artist provides temporary tattoos, suitable for all ages. Using a fruit-based gel, the ink is a natural product that is safe for the skin.



As a member of the street art collective, RSCLS, SONG uses spray paint to create his works of art. Having decked the walls of Bangkok. Hong Kong and more, he turns his attention to Street Superior to give us a front row seat of the creative at work.

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DJ Farah Farz

DJ FARZ's cutting-edge party rocking beats fills venues with energy and emotion and sends dance floors into frenzies. She provides a refreshing change to the female DJ market with her overwhelming sick basslines and energetic rhythms.

Jau Goh

An architect by training, the artist uses clean lines and geometric art for each piece. Meditation is an important element in her painting process that helps her in craft her minimal geometric art.

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.Wav(y) signifies the best music selections championed by sneakerheads, streetwear enthusiasts and a new age hip-hop audience. Expect banging music, electrifying energy and the most eye-candy fashion.

Street Superior EYEYAH


Known for their quirky designs and kid-friendly imagery the guys at EYEYAH! have put together a multimedia installation inspired by Halloween to launch some special new Spooky products exclusively at this installment of “STREET SUPERIOR”. The designs will be available in kids and kidult sizes. *while stocks last!

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Cosmic Child

Singapore indie music darlings Cosmic Child is set to make their DJ debut at Street Superior! The quintet will be playing a surprising mix of ambient techno and house music, contrasting from their shoegaze roots.

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bridget tay

Bridget Tay

Bridget Tay is an artist who explores the defintion of painting and themes revolving around challenging the idea of “instituitional based art”. Known primarily as abstract painter, she is currently playing around with multidisplinary methods of making art just because it is fun and sometimes, artists take art way too seriously.


Deon (Death Threads)

Deon will take you back to the 90's with hip hop, disco, funk and soul classics.


Evening Chants (LABEL) TAKEOVER

Guided Meditation (Nigel Lopez)
Spook Sport

Experimental tape label Evening Chants will be taking over Pasir Panjang Power Station with a specially curated lineup of DJs delving deep into electronic music with an eclectic mix of sub-genres.

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dj angelfire

dj angelfire (no caps, all pretension) will serve a breezy mix of japanese funk, weirdo disco-pop and everything else in-between .



The Canadian graffiti artist is now based in Singapore. At Street Superior, you will find his creations lining just some of the walls of our festival.



From England and Australia to China, Taiwan and Manila, this talented duo have been making waves around the world. Join them at Street Superior as they bring the house down!


The Golden Rule Barber

Sharp cuts and close shaves are not just terms you use to describe life on the streets. The dapper stylists at The Golden Rule Barber are bringing their kits and skills to Street Superior. At the pop-up barber shop, you can spruce up your look to match that new wardrobe you would be stocking up on!

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Lovesick Tattoos

Custom body and tattoo parlour, Lovesick Tattoos will set up shop at Street Superior! From flash tattoos to live demonstrations, you'll be able to get a view of the inks by the talented artists.



Anthony Chong is best known for his graffiti street art, which you can see around Singapore. He specialises in oriental art and juxtapositions with contemporary urban styles.



The artist known as KRINGE specialises in photographing graffiti art, with graffiti writing being a focus.

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Crafty Illustrator

Having designed the artwork for last year's Sole Superior event, the artist will be at Street Superior to show off his crafty artwork for all to see!



Street artist KR0me joins us for Street Superior as he decks the walls with some of his signature artwork.

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Out & Ink Temporary Tattoos Co.

This duo of artists create temporary tattoos using jagua fruit ink. The tattoos last around 2 weeks and allow clients to showoff their creativity without the permenant commitment.




Rubin Hashim

Rubin Hashim


Candy Says

The vinyl-only DJ twosome have played in music festivals, clubs, and outdoor bars. The often-dusted records on Candy Says' turntables cover alternative rock, indie electronica, shoegaze, folk, punk, post-punk, and the occasional Kanye.


DJ 2Sweet (Matteblacc)

Started as a B-Boy, born and raised in KL, TwoSweet has travelled around the world to learn about different cultures and further himself in the art of Breaking. TwoSweet now focuses on collecting local Malaysian/Singaporean and South East Asian Funk/Soul and Breaks to establish a stronger love for local roots that have been forgotten or not brought to light through the culture of Hip Hop.



DeeJay XG’s sound selections includes the likes of UK Garage, Modern Dancehall, Trap & Bass Music and not forgetting the fundamentals of Hip Hop music- Boogie, Funk and Disco !