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Overview of Sole Superior

The Sole Superior Marketplace is the heart and soul of Street Superior and a marker of where it all began. A convergence of the most passionate sneakerheads, these are the goods of our community: sneakerheads, traders, re-sellers, and instagram-only stores, this is your chance to cop the heat that they bring, peruse what's moving the markets, and hunt down the one that got away.

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Old-Skool Vintage Market

It may be our very first vintage market, but it's a massive one: we've gathered an impressive team of young vendors who'll be blessing us with their collection of vintage threads.

From highly sought-after labels and genres to pieces straight out of the streetwear fashion archives, stop by to discover the influences, design and creativity of vintage streetwear. Pick up past favourites, or uncover rare finds—you can thank us later.


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Music & Craft Market

Record collectors, audiophiles and music fans, this one's for you. We're debuting our Music Market at this year's Street Superior Festival—a community-driven music market where you'll be able to connect with indie vinyl sellers, and pick up an insider tip or two if you're on the lookout for something specific.

Located in the outdoor Youth Plaza of *SCAPE, come prepared with your crew of crate diggers or kick back with good music and company.

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Trading Pit

If the Marketplace is the heart of SSF, the Trading Pit is its beating pulse. All ticket holders and attendees are invited; it's where you want to be if you're hunting down grails or trading for childhood memories. Buy, sell, trade, or barter—the pit is yours.

Pit Rules:
- NO COUNTERFEIT ITEMS. You'll be kicked out.
- Each attendee can bring a maximum of 2 pairs of shoes and 4 pieces of clothing/accessories.
- Security checks at door. Bulky backpacks or large sling bags are not allowed into the festival grounds.
- No setting up of informal shops.

Eyeyah Street Superior

Eyeyah / Street Superior Kids

Don't forget the kids. Street Superior welcomes the young 'uns with an experiential zone where young minds can be free to explore and express themselves. Created by educational art platform EYEYAH!, Superior Kids is a safe playspace that brings the wonder and joy of learning about social issues though art and play.