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Street Superior and the Soley Grail

 Custom Sneaker Competition: The #StreetSuperior Soley Grail.

We're on the hunt to unearth the next generation of custom sneaker makers! Show us your idea of the grail shoe and stand to win the opportunity to create your very own custom sneaker capsule, AND $1,000 CASH PRIZE. We'll even take your kicks on tour and sell them at regional sneaker festivals.

Submit images of your custom sneaker creations by tagging #SSFsoleygrail and @street.superior on Instagram. Any sneaker model and brand is eligible for entry, but the custom work done must be yours and original.
Submit before 18th Oct, 2019.

Lucky Draw

You heard right—we're going all out with our Lucky Draw and giving away $50,000 worth of prizes!

Here's how it works:
- Each ticket gives you one chance of winning.
- 2-day tickets double your chances, i.e., more tickets, more chances.
- Pick the prize you have your eye on.
- Hit us up by entering the Lucky Draw via the Street Superior Festival app.

You're all set!

Superior Hunt

Get your best kicks on if you're planning to take part in Street Superior's very own Superior Hunt! Taking place across the entire Somerset precinct, there'll be plenty of walking involved, but trust us when we say it will be worth it.

The 2-day hunt will require you to unveil hints and carry out quests to move around and beyond the festival grounds, and interact with festival elements. This will bring you closer to the ultimate prize to remember.

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Yoyo Battle Showcase
We've rounded up the best yoyo players in Singapore to perform the sickest tricks they have up their sleeves. Over the weekend, they'll be pitted against one another to be crowned the SHOWCASE battle champion.

Hiroyuki Suzuki—four-time World Yoyo Champion, seven-time Asia Pacific Yoyo Champion and the holder of two Guinnness World Records—will also show us how it's done with his mindblowing freestyle performances.



We'll be in good hands with dynamic duo ScRach MarcS, who will be hosting a series of dance competitions with homegrown dance communities at this year's festival.

Bring your choicest moves and slickest grooves, or take notes as the best and brightest battle it out in front of the crowd to impress our panel of judges—and all the rest of us.

Inspired members in the audience: look no further than O School, a dance studio located within *SCAPE, who will be on hand to fuel the fire.